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Where have my posts gone?

Hello folks, I just realised have been hardly posting here. Though I do need to get back to doing so, I am afraid I have fallen into the trap… That Facebook  is much easier and faster to post to on the fly, or the stitch, of things. UNtil I get more time to dedicate over here, if you would like to see a bit more of what I am up to , you can like/follow me on FaceBook here: https://www.facebook.com/Dreamsewing

One of the things I have NOT liked on wordpress is the amount of Bots, and random totally unrelated by person or interests asking to link to their products. Not talking about feloow bloggers/crafters/film-theatres/media, but stuff like wholesale  Chinese fabric merchants, or Get Rich Quick scheme type things.  So FB has been nice for weeding these out.

I DO LIKE when fellow crafters/makers/related product makers ask me to try their things,link, or share their pages though, so feel free to do so on FB if you like :-)   xM


Scary sewing points

This is more a test post to see how well/easy posting from phone works on wordpress

Every one has those stages in sewing one dreads; setting sleeves, zippers etc. For me, it’s button holes. One of those points that if I make a mistake means taking garment apart, recutting new panel, remaking area and trying again. Always have flashbacks to making a doublet for Shakespeare production, for some reason er couldn’t use a chisel blade so had to use a raw scapel blade. I manged to overcut , necessitating remaking garment, plus sliced a chunk out of work table and my own thumb.
Ever since, I always approach button holing with dread. And a good olfa mat…and a steel ruler to stop blade at end of cut.
I have yet to meet a stitcher who hasn’t bled for learning their craft ;)

(2 days later, no slashed fabric or fingers, and commission finished , huzzah!!!  Now I have to de-thread the entire house, silk brocade makes more shed than a persian cat ;)

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