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Map of London Suppliers-at Miss C’s request ;)

If you copy this shorter URL and paste into Gmaps it brings it up with sidebar listings of all the shops, much easier way to find your way around:


But because I want a map on my site here’s the gsilly version.For some reason it starts you So. of Equator at a random place marker in the ocean, no really, I don’t recall a cloth shop there! So you need to grab and go North, then zoom in on London.


London Supply Shops (physical,not online) My Favorites

London Shops/ Suppliers UK

This is a list of my most used Real Live People/Shops in London. This version has *real working links* and is by material; Machines, fabrics, wigs, etc. I’m getting a bit better w/this WordPress editor now :)

Map to follow

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UK Online materials sources Suppliers (in shorter,easier version)

(London physical shops to follow in separate post, & map, all to make life easier for you to read, and look, all the linkies work this time ;)

Online Suppliers UK

(fast, reliable delivery) this is a list of my most used online sites, besides eBay ;) click the link to see the list: Continue reading