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Sewing Trick of the day- Gaping blouse/popped buttons

(This post is from a problem I have, and s friend has as well & was looking for solution)

Way back in the 80’s when I was a teenager & selfconscious of my shape I remember my Gran being horrified at the shapeless poet’s/men’s blouses I would wear. Yeah, I could claim it was the fashion, but that excuse doesn’t work so well these days.

Problem is I am VERY curvy, and most blouses (if anywhere *near* form fitting) have a nasty habit of gaping & showing peek-a-boo flesh between buttons, or embarrassing buttons popping free in the middle of interviews or wearing a rucksack on the tube.  So here is an easy fix.

NOTE: this only works if you can still get blouse on over your head buttoned up, if it is too fitted I have another suggestion at end of post. So button up and try before sewing. If it is a creased blouse, be sure to iron it before you start the fix.

1. decide how far down “unbuttoned” you want it to be from top, mark with chalk.

2. Mark bottom, I usually don’t sew all the way down, leaving the bottom button/s free for more casual days, or hip ease.

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