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Born in London,England. Early childhood split between London & Northen Scotland (Aboyne, Deeside in the Cairngorm Mountains) Later wandered over the pond to America. Roamed around from kitchen to theatre with parents, a real backstage brat, until finally ran away with the Circus. Wardrobe Mistress and UnderGarment washer extraordinaire,able to match socks to artists by worn spots and loose thread pattern.
Toured  the world with Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria for 5 years & developed a fatal attraction to Japanese Cute tchotchkes and watching our artists perform amazing things with their bodies in warm-ups.

This journal is to keep track of projects and share tips and tricks of the trade.From Victorian/ Steampunk clothing, Asian inspired hair ornaments to simple alteration. Many things/tricks my hands seem to known, rather than my brain, so as they come up, I wanted to have a place to jot them down, as much for myself to recall as for others :)
Also to share my lists of resources for UK materials. You can also ask me about source lists for quite a few other countries, I may still recall some good places in So. America, No. America, Japan & Taiwan.
NOTE PLEASE: all photos and journal entries are proprietary. please please DO NOT re-print /distribute/randomly strew about these more than I am already. ( at least not without crediting me and linking ;)

Anyone featured IN any photo has implicit permission to copy/print/dist to friends. I try to credit other photographers of my work, and the persons wearing it if they wish to be known.

photo by Simon MacMullen

(Shameless plug:If you’d like to discuss a commission, need to hire a professional seamstress or wardrobe person, please feel free to contact me via email:
dreamsewing@gmail.com  )


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