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Trick of the Day- pressing sticky stuff (fusible)

Today is just a mini-tip, as juggling patterning & holiday gift making and paperwork.

I’ve a love/hate relationship with fusible. Love how it makes life easier, tames the tricksey fabrics, but hate what it does to irons/ironing board. Most of the time, I really can’t be bothered with cutting it exactly to match pieces as it wiggles out of shape. If you don’t though, then there’s risk of junking up ironing board/cover. Now in the shop we used nice bits of left over cotton, but I find that kind of wasteful, and if the fabric scrap is creased, that gets transferred to what I’m fusing.

So here’s a cheap & incredibly simple solution: greaseproof/parchment paper. Put underneath fabric and fusible, it’s flat, doesn’t burn, doesn’t stick like normal paper and re-useable.  Fusible glued piece just peels off easy peasy, so you can just lay a big hank of fusible on top of the small fabric piece without having to have cut it exactly beforehand. So simple, so, why haven’t I done this before ;-)

pressing paper