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Project Catch-Up- Whitby Jacket -1 day project

So just going through my photos and realised I would like to archive/share some past projects.

This is from my first time going to Whitby Gothic Weekend, when I had a moment of “Oh My, what will I wear?”, I had just come off of touring for 5 years, so had very few garments (I had lived out of 3 suitcases for my “world” for the entire time) that were not backstage blacks or covered in paint/tears from sewing.

Material is heavy silk, from my obscene haul wandering through Taipei fabric warehouse. There was a matching skirt, but it looked far too busy, so ended up just wearing a plain black petticoat and silk shawl “apron”. Not best work, but OK for a day before project. (Please ignore the black fuzzy stuff in bust, that’s just tulle I stuffed in to fill out the dress form a bit. The proportions look odd as I am extremely busty ;)


About dreamsewing

From Victorian/ Steampunk clothing, Asian inspired hair ornaments to simple alterations, I am an addict to learning new crafts. I've spent now 20 years traveling over the world and touring with various theatre companies, from Shakespearian, to ballet, to Cirque du Soleil. This blog is mainly for talking about current projects & sharing tips & tricks of the trade. Hoping to learn new things from from others and also sharing resource lists. If you have any sewing questions/quandaries, please do ask me, I may have an answer or a new way to fix. I love exchanging ideas on new ways/tricks of stitching! (Small self-plug: If you'd like to discuss a commission, need to hire a professional seamstress or wardrobe person, please feel free to contact me via email: dreamsewing@gmail.com )


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