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Catch-up#2- 2 hours project 1920’s/’30’s bias gown- Blue (stretch) Velvet

This was a fun one, I had invited a co-worker to a Burlesque night in the beautiful Bush Hall, London. Folks generally dress up fabulous for these events, so Gigi & I felt we ought to make an effort. Only problem was we were working  silly hours 6 days a week on a show, so I had to find something super quick to make, and warm as we were having a sub-zero winter in London. This took about 2 hours from drape to finish. I always loved ’20’s/30’s evening dresses, though I haven’t really the figure, but I thought, hey some cheap blue stretch velvet & a simple bias dress should do well enough. I’m thinking of doing a step by step for this one, as it is so adaptable (can do w/shallower cowl/boatneck, no sleeves, flutter sleeves etc.), needs no real pattern ( though a dress form is required) if anyone is interested.

I *hate* when dresses drop off my rather rounded shoulders, so a scrap of lace trim on the back of the neck made a nice “hold-up” without ruining the mood of the dress.

Then I had a lace collar I found in local haberdashery shop which had a nice “v” shape so tacked it on under the cowl for a wee bit of Bum Bling, and to balance out the neck lace.

I wanted a little shoulder detail and the corner of the back drape came up naturally into a nice triangle, a detail I had seen on a vintage gown at some point.


Project Catch-Up- Whitby Jacket -1 day project

So just going through my photos and realised I would like to archive/share some past projects.

This is from my first time going to Whitby Gothic Weekend, when I had a moment of “Oh My, what will I wear?”, I had just come off of touring for 5 years, so had very few garments (I had lived out of 3 suitcases for my “world” for the entire time) that were not backstage blacks or covered in paint/tears from sewing.

Material is heavy silk, from my obscene haul wandering through Taipei fabric warehouse. There was a matching skirt, but it looked far too busy, so ended up just wearing a plain black petticoat and silk shawl “apron”. Not best work, but OK for a day before project. (Please ignore the black fuzzy stuff in bust, that’s just tulle I stuffed in to fill out the dress form a bit. The proportions look odd as I am extremely busty ;)

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