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Tip of the Day-Cheap thread storage solution

My home work room is *very* small, and I was getting tired of the overlock & back up threads piled up in boxes or taking up table space. I looked at “proper” storage/sorters but found they were all a bit expensive and would take up too much space. Then I had an idea… I bought an overdoor shoe sorter! It works wonderfully, one large overlock spool per section and a bunch of regular spools fit each shoe cubbie. Best of all, if you have lots, you can stitch them to a clothes hanger and hang in cupboard/wardrobe in a nice, easy to see way, plus there is no thread tangle-dangle from mixing them up!

So that’s my simple storage tip for the day.

P.S.- This months UK Burda Style (04/12)magazine is probably the best this year for free patterns; lovely bias dress, blouses, pencil skirt and bolero/wrap tops. Was a good splurge!


Wee tip for helping stitching seam allowances

Hello, been away for a bit, trip to Japan, and then my old employer rolled into town, so busy working for them over the late winter. Just a quick little tip for stitching seam allowances. I know sometimes my eyes get tired, or lighting bad in the evenings and seeing the seam allowance guide on machine can be hard. Worse is when my attention wavers & I wander over to a different guidleine on the plate :( So an easy help is to use a contrasting piece of electrical tape, or low tack painters masking tape directly on the plate. I like to use a long piece which extends over the arm, so it guides lining up the fabric *before* it gets near the needle. So simple, but such a help! If you have a project with multiple seam widths you can add another colour tape, or simply move it easily as electrical tape doesn’t stick too hard & leaves no residue on your machine.

easy line up on seam allowances!

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